Welcome...Bucket Truck

Quality, innovative products produced locally... not simply purchased and resold. We're a community based business working in the community, for the community.

Our 25 years of hands on experience will help determine your true sign needs and what will work within your budget.

We're not here just to sell you a sign, we want to provide you with a sign solution for your specific needs and budget.



Our sign business was established when all signs were made exclusively by hand.

The pride of craftmanship established in those early days is still incorporated in our modern day signs. We use the best material available for our customers needs.



When all signs were done by hand, focus was put on the small details. With the advent of the computer graphic industry many were never taught the true art of sign making.

We use the traditional rules which apply today to all sign requirements. By following these proven set of rules we ensure our client's signs stand out from the competition.



We are constantly improving on existing techniques and looking for new ways to satisfy our client's needs.

It is important to keep up on developments and technologies and understand market trends. We use them to increase the effectiveness of our sign solutions.