We have created a section to show off our work and to give you an idea of our abilities. This is not a complete list of what we have done but merely a small sample of what we do.

Division St. Mall
Written by Adam Coleman   
Monday, 21 April 2008 13:06

Division St. MallThese signs were build for a mall in Cobourg, ON.

In total there were 20 sign boxes of various sizes.

Building the boxes was no problem as they were just rectangles but upon inspection of the site we relized they all has to be custom fitted. The larges task was tracking each box from start to finish and ensuring the size was to specs.

This job only took 2 days to install.

Peterborough Sport & Wellness Centre
Written by Adam Coleman   
Monday, 21 April 2008 12:55

Peterborough Sports and Wellness CentreThis sign was built with an all aluminum subframe and skin.

The curved wave top was custom made in shop using angle aluminum and flat bar aluminum. Creating a curved top was not an issue but ensuring it's structural integrity gave us a challenge. We use vertical lamp as well to ensure there would be no dark spots near the top.

At 16' high by 20' wide this box was still light enough for 3 men to carry and pickup.